About jeans and the flood

It certainly happened to you. You have bought jeans that collided slightly after the first wash. Mostly it is 2-3% and manufacturers write it on jeans, but believe that a few decades ago it was much worse. You bought jeans that shrunk even by 10% and it could do 10 cm in length.

Today these jeans are called shrink-to-fit and are bought by real enthusiasts. All other pants are pre-shrunk. This is precisely what the funny story is related to.

It was the business traveler Hal Burgess who first introduced them in 1970. It was actually a coincidence because his hotel room was hit by a flood and when he wanted to wash his jeans in the hotel pool, they shrunk. However, this did not bother him and decided to offer jeans to people as a new pre-shrunk. In fact, they were two numbers smaller than they were originally, but so what… This began to write down the history of modern jeans and today you are buying jeans from the store that should not shrink so much.

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In 1873, they acquired a patent, and Davis moved to San Francisco following Strauss. After 17 years, they were the only ones who could produce jeans with rivets, but after the patent expired in 1890, the jeans studs became the standard.

Quality jeans = quality material.

The same way that the best cooks cook from the finest ingredients or the cyclists at the Tour de France ride top bikes, quality jeans can not be made without quality material. In addition to working with a skilled tailor, having the right denim is the foundation of success. And when it comes to the fabrics from which my jeans are being sewed, I’d like to tell you something.

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