About jeans and the flood

It certainly happened to you. You have bought jeans that collided slightly after the first wash. Mostly it is 2-3% and manufacturers write it on jeans, but believe that a few decades ago it was much worse. You bought jeans that shrunk even by 10% and it could do 10 cm in length.

Gift vouchers for anything

It’s been a few days since we launched gift vouchers in several values. He likes to buy gift vouchers for jeans and shirts for his loved ones, so we added values from CZK 1,000, over CZK 2,000 to CZK 5,000.

We introduce you our clients

We wanted to do it a long time ago. Show you our work through our clients. That’s why we took some photos at the end of November, remembering what we had experienced together and discussing a few things from their lives.

Brocast Patrik Diamant Tomas Adam Dunovsky

Brocast… another interview not only about jeans

When my brothers Tomáš and Adam mentioned that they were planning to shoot podcasts, I was immediately excited by the idea. First of all, I think they’re smart guys, so there’s no shortage of interesting ideas. Secondly, they have other clever people around them, so there’s no shortage of interesting topics. And thirdly, I think that podcasts will continue in the future… at the expense of the Office. Maybe.

Invisible t-shirt

You see that you don’t see anything

I don’t know how it is, but I wear a shirt under my shirt. When a person sweats, it is not immediately visible and at the same time in the colder months I honor the rule that more thinner layers of clothing are better than less stronger. So you won’t see me just in a shirt and feather, but rather in a shirt, sweatshirt or sweater and a weaker jacket. The only exception is perhaps summer, when I like to wear a shorter shirt “out” of my pants.

Our new socks

It took us a long time. You know it? You tell yourself that you can do it in a while, and then you push and push the term because you are tuning and tuning. But in the finals I do not mind waiting. I really like our socks.

What was the live broadcast in TV List

In the spring of 2018, we had a good look at custom jeans at Stream TV. You can look here. That’s when we filmed all day and it was. Many of my convictions have been erased and in the finals it has been quite successful. Or at least that was what my friends said, because I can’t look at myself! 🙂 Now in the autumn, people from Seznam came back again if I would like to say something about men’s clothing… live.

That little pocket. What do we have it for?

They’re called five pocket jeans. Originally, jeans only had one pocket. Then there were three, then four and now five. Maybe you’re using it and maybe you do not even know you have one on your pants. But what do we have it for?

Showroom full of music

Who would not like music. When we run, it will help us keeping the same pace. When we drive a car, time flies by thanks to music.  And when we are in Patrik’s showroom, it is easier to choose jeans.

Do you have a denim wish?

Write to us. We will try to meet it.


Do you want a gift voucher?

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