That little pocket. What do we have it for?

They’re called five pocket jeans. Originally, jeans only had one pocket. Then there were three, then four and now five. Maybe you’re using it and maybe you do not even know you have one on your pants. But what do we have it for?

Showroom full of music

Who would not like music. When we run, it will help us keeping the same pace. When we drive a car, time flies by thanks to music.  And when we are in Patrik’s showroom, it is easier to choose jeans.

The end of Jeans Maker

When I started with tailored jeans, I was kind of struggling with the name of my company. Hours of thinking, dozens of ideas, and a series of desperate messages to my acquaintances. Then I ran out of patience, and said, “It’s going to be Jeans Maker! I want to make jeans, so Jeans Maker. “

2 years with tailor-made jeans. What were they like?

It seems incredible. It’s exactly two years since I thought of creating tailored jeans. I did not really like to go to the malls, to try out, try out, try out and then go home empty-handed. On the December 12th, 2015 I started writing the story of tailored jeans.

It’s 2 weeks until Christmas. What’s new with us?

Every year, I’m madly looking forward to Christmas. It is a period when hurry, stress, and annoyance change as if by a magical wand into in peace, comfort and friendship. I mean the period beginning in the morning of 24th of December. Until then, it’s a bit of crowd madness. I try to avoid shopping centres and I buy my Christmas gifts mainly over the internet from the comfort of my home.

Jeans. The story of assemblers who conquered the world

In 1873, they acquired a patent, and Davis moved to San Francisco following Strauss. After 17 years, they were the only ones who could produce jeans with rivets, but after the patent expired in 1890, the jeans studs became the standard.

I love RAW. That is not raw food, but raw denim

Do you know raw food? The food in its raw form, which has not undergone heat treatment? Even in the world of denim you can find “raw”. These are jeans in their raw form. Unwashed, unfaded, with no holes. Actually, that’s a lot of “no”. But I say that’s a big YES.

Quality jeans = quality material.

The same way that the best cooks cook from the finest ingredients or the cyclists at the Tour de France ride top bikes, quality jeans can not be made without quality material. In addition to working with a skilled tailor, having the right denim is the foundation of success. And when it comes to the fabrics from which my jeans are being sewed, I’d like to tell you something.

Do you love summer and warmth? Your jeans do not. Why?

Who doesn’t like warm weather, right? When it’s warm out there, we go to sit by the water or go for a drink in our favourite spot. But 30 °C or more is too much even for us. And so what about jeans?

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