Brocast… another interview not only about jeans

When my brothers Tomáš and Adam mentioned that they were planning to shoot podcasts, I was immediately excited by the idea. First of all, I think they’re smart guys, so there’s no shortage of interesting ideas. Secondly, they have other clever people around them, so there’s no shortage of interesting topics. And thirdly, I think that podcasts will continue in the future… at the expense of the Office. Maybe.

I was the first guest, which I really appreciate, because when the guys have part #100 and become famous as Jirka Kral, they will certainly give me autographs for my friends first.

They are brothers and so their podcast name is Brocast.

And what did we solve during the first part?

  1. Jeans… of course
  2. Ecology … because plastics will kill us
  3. Education… because youth ahead!
  4. Brno… a little peripherally 🙂
  5. Trouble with technology… because the first podcast

… and some other things.

The podcast lasts over 2 hours, so if you want to listen to it on the subway, choose a long line.
Or divide it into more parts, as I used to listen to podcasts. I get in the car and continue where I left off.

You can watch the recorded interview on Youtube.
If you are an Apple lover, play iTunes.
Or replace music with a few words on Spotify.
Alternatively, play the Soundcloud.   

Let me know how you liked the conversation. Via email, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. How you like it.

Or directly to the boys. Search @brocastcz. Anywhere 🙂

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