Do you love summer and warmth? Your jeans do not. Why?

Who doesn’t like warm weather, right? When it’s warm out there, we go to sit by the water or go for a drink in our favourite spot. But 30 °C or more is too much even for us. And so what about jeans?

30 °C are the maximum they can bear.

Just as we get a little too warm sometimes, so do our jeans for which high temperatures aren’t any good. 30 ° C is the ideal temperature for them. We should never wash them at a higher temperature. In such a case the fibers of the fabric get condensed and lose their resistance. And the higher the temperature, the worse they get logically. The same goes for the colour of your pants.A more frequent washing in water that is too warm causes the jeans to lose their original colour. And that’s a shame.

Preferably without a dryer

A dryer is a beautiful thing and it certainly provides help for many women. It can replace the laundry line also save a lot of trouble with the never ending ironing process. On the other hand, however, the temperatures in the dryer range between 50 and 70 degrees Celsius and that is over too much.

The shade is better than the sun

In the same way that jeans do not like hot water in the washing machine or hot air in the dryer, they will not become best buddies with the sun. In the sun, they tend to fade faster and therefore lose their colour sooner. So it’s definitely better to hang them to dry in the shade or inside the apartment.

I know, I know. It looks like bans and commands … But if you like your jeans and you want them to last for as long as possible, these are just a few simple pieces of advice that I think are definitely worth it.

So let your jeans serve you!

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