How I left jeans behind

I’ve felt for a long time that I needed a change. You have probably experienced it too, the motivation is close to zero, you will do only what is really needed, of course with the necessary dose of procrastination and without much added value. I’ve had this for a long time for a number of reasons, but I can blame myself for it. It was not a “modern” burnout today because you probably won’t get out of bed at all, it was rather the first degree of resignation from the fact that even after several years it is still not a successful business. Yes, from the outside it all looks great, Forbes or Czechcrunch writes about you but the reality is a bit different inside the company.

Patrik Diamant a krejčovský metr

At the beginning of this summer I was clear, I was sitting at the airport in Albania and I didn’t want to go back at all. When I returned, I started looking for someone to move the jeans on. This was followed by several meetings and hours before Excel when mining data and creating spreadsheets. On the one hand it was pain, on the other hand I enjoyed it a lot. I have never sold a company before 🙂 At the same time, I realized how important it is to manage a company based on data.

In August, I left the showroom in Vinohrady (the jeans hung there), because I knew that it would be just as useless for the buyer party and the covid had spread to unpleasant numbers. We already had an agreement on the conditions, now only the creation of contracts followed. It wasn’t CEZ’s acquisition but even so, paradoxically, it took a long time for the lawyer. And if we were faster, the transaction would be 99% complete. But we got to the beginning of October when the number of infected people started to grow. And I got an unpleasant idea and probably called it. I understood the email. The moment the covid came again, the buyer had to deal with cash flow in their business. But that’s life. Fortunately?

I’ve been mentally goodbye to jeans. I was looking forward to a new project, I worked for another company for a while but it wasn’t just that. I don’t think there is such an easy way back from entrepreneurship. How do you feel about it?

One day when I sat down at the computer and wrote a hundred e-mails to my clients, that day helped me decide what to do with jeans. I waited a while and then the answers began to work. Only then did I realize that it would probably be a pity… Yes, I made (not only in tailoring while learning) many mistakes so I never heard from many clients again. I am sorry! But then there was a lot of encouraging news from the overly satisfied ones. Fortunately, I have their measurements.

And I also have a list of things that intrigued me. Now I will gradually cross them off. In the spring, summer, year and day it will be a completely different company. I’m just going to start it again!

It would be a shame to close it completely!

To sum it up, my grandmother often says that everything bad is good for something. And she’s damn right. Whatever the times, it is up to us to take it out. Of course, we will not have everything under control but we can influence how we deal with it.

Have a good time and good luck!


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