How to stop the coronavirus?

When will the coronavirus end? Nobody knows. But we all can slow it down. How?

Protective face mask against coronavirus COVID 19

Face masks can stop around 95-100% of viruses because people stop breathing, sneezing and coughing out. People are the most contagious in the first days when they even do not know that they are infected by COVID 19 because they do not have symptoms yet (fever, tiredness, cough or difficulty breathing).

In the Czech Republic we had a lack of protective face masks so we made them at home. Now it is obligatory to wear masks in the whole country and coronavirus testing and updates show that we slowed down the spread of the virus.

Situation is different state by state but we followed the rule “I protect you, you protect me” (with the masks).

Recommendations for the public

  1. Stay at home as much as possible.
  2. Always wear a protective mask outside.
  3. Avoid social contact and public transportation (walk or use your car).
  4. Disinfect often your hands and masks (boil it).
  5. Share it among your friends.

Protective face mask against coronavirus COVID 19

How to make a mask at home

If you can, make a face mask at home. If you cannot sew it, buy face mask at our eshop. The more masks we wear, the faster we end the coronavirus.

Thank you for sharing.


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