I love RAW. That is not raw food, but raw denim

Do you know raw food? The food in its raw form, which has not undergone heat treatment? Even in the world of denim you can find “raw”. These are jeans in their raw form. Unwashed, unfaded, with no holes. Actually, that’s a lot of “no”. But I say that’s a big YES.

Jeans were originally a working tool for miners, woodcutters or cowboys. They were sewed and then used for work. What if they got a hole in them? Then you would mend them. What if the hole got bigger? Then that’s when the patch came in line. Did a loop come off? Then a new one was sewed on…

Raw is a return to naturalness and originality.

The ready-made jeans you usually buy in a store are definitely not raw. After being sewed up the ordinary jeans go straight into the washing machine and before that they are “beautified” by various holes, wear and tear or fading. This is what happened to the miners, woodcutters or cowboys naturally. And it’s being copied today. Yes, it’s beautiful, but only until you meet raw denim. It’s another world. A world where  wear and tear, fading and holes come naturally. It’s a return to the roots.To naturalness and originality.

5. pocket. New jeans vs. 4 months wearing

I will not meet anyone with the same pair of jeans

When it comes to raw denim I like how its appearance is gradually changing. Already after the first wearing it can be seen how the jeans begin to shape. Especially at the back of the knees and in the crotch, where it is visible straight away. The longer you wear your jeans, the more you love them, because the “austere” blue turns into the ultimate original. The blue will never appear like before. And even if you wore the same pair of jeans as anyone else, after a few months of wearing they will look completely different.

One of my clients asked me to create the exact same pair of jeans in which I visited him. And so I can show you how the jeans changed after 4 months.

The same fabric, tha same everything. New jeans vs. 4 months wearing

4 months without washing

The basic rule is not to wash the jeans for 6 months. So far I managed not to wash for 4 months. There is no free zone around me in the tram, I have a couple of tricks.

The first 6 months are necessary for proper fading to occur. Raw denim contains more dye inside it, which gets removed gradually. This is why some places are lighter, while others are darker. If I washed my jeans before wearing it, they would brighten up everywhere evenly. But that would be a great shame.


Under the knee. New jeans vs. 4 months wearing

Raw denim is a lifestyle for some. Just like raw food is for others.

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