In the sea in swimsuit… or jeans?

Maybe you know it. You lie on a beach, the sun is warm and you are listening to birds and splashes of waves. You suddenly notice something strange. First of all, on your “deserted” beach you are not entirely alone, and secondly, the man walking to the sea does not have typical swimsuit. He is wearing a pair of blue jeans. Are you asking why?

The story continues. After a few moments spent in the waves, a man walk out from the sea and walk to the beach. You think it’s a bizarre thing. After a while, something is starting to happen that you do not understand at all. The man is throwing sand on himself, wrapping his jeans, and using a large plume of tiny stones to ride and scrub his hands. Is that supposed to destroy them completely? Then he goes back to the sea, enjoying his standard two-minute swim. This special ritual is repeated several times…

It is called “ocean wash”. Definitely people do not buy jeans because they do not have swimsuits. They are not even strange. On the contrary, they are strong lovers of quality jeans who enjoy this unconventional experience for a simple reason. Salty sea water and rough sand give the jeans an interesting structure. A structure that does not get anywhere else, which is original. Besides, it’s an interesting experience, what do you say? The sea and sand act as a natural bleach and the pants also soften. Originality, unique pants pattern and experience. That’s why the sea is the viewfinder of these few people.

Take a look at “before” and “after” photos:

“Ocean wash jeans” can now be bought at well-known world brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Guess or Calvin Klein. But I think the experience is not replaceable.

And that’s why I look forward to seeing the sea in the summer and trying this strange thing on “my own jeans …”

Nice day!

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