It’s 2 weeks until Christmas. What’s new with us?

Every year, I’m madly looking forward to Christmas. It is a period when hurry, stress, and annoyance change as if by a magical wand into in peace, comfort and friendship. I mean the period beginning in the morning of 24th of December. Until then, it’s a bit of crowd madness. I try to avoid shopping centres and I buy my Christmas gifts mainly over the internet from the comfort of my home.

I assume you don’t have it any other way. Gifts bought on the Internet are nowadays common practice, and that’s why we have prepared gift vouchers for you for tailor-made jeans. Last year they were a hit. But this year we have completely new ones! I’m really happy because they are beautiful, different, modern. I’m deliberately talking in plural, because tailor-made jeans have not been a one-man show for some time. But another article will be dedicated to that soon.

Gift voucher – Tailor-made Jeans

And what do they look like? They are double-sided. From the front it is clear that they are vouchers for tailor-made jeans. And so your friend, mate or business partner will be happy right when he sees it. Also, you can see what type of voucher it is, that is what type of fabric it is for (denim for 7,500 CZK and selvedge denim for 8,900 CZK) and of course the name of the person the gift is for.

On the other side, there is a short story to give an idea of what he will be dressed in soon, and a contact so that he does not have to look where to find us. Because you give a voucher to someone close to you, we have prepared a message box for you. We leave it up to you what to write, but last year these were messages such as “This will solve all your problems” or “Because you can not buy proper jeans for yourself”. Let me know what you would write, I’m curious.

Gift Voucher – Tailor-made Shirt

We have one more piece of news for you. From next year, we’ll be sewing up tailor-made shirts. For so long, you customers have told me tailor-made jeans go well with shirts, and that you would be interested in tailor-made ones, that I have decided to give it a try. I look forward to wearing the first one perfectly fitting my jeans. Red stitching on jeans with red stitched buttons on my shirt, this idea comes straight to my mind.

Again, I will not be alone. I follow the rule: do not get into something, without people who really understand it, Patrick. And so I will soon introduce you to a new colleague of mine who is a shirt expert.

Gift vouchers for shirts are very similar to those for jeans (by the way, there will also be denim shirts). Only colors, photos and, of course, the text is a bit different. The price of the shirt will start from 2 900 CZK.

New website

You may have noticed that we have a new website. What do you say? Do you like it? It’s another one of our latest news. During the week, we will start a new online store where you can order, among other things, gift vouchers.

You can buy vouchers in a printed or electronic version. I definitely recommend the printed version. We selected a nice paper with high thickness and a pretty envelope. But we will send the last voucher on Monday, the 18th of December, to be sure that it will arrive to you through post by Christmas. Then you can stop by at our showroom in Prague’s Vinohrady or buy it at the  online store. And even on the day before the Christmas Eve … or on Christmas Eve.

If you are interested in vouchers, please write to me. It is a pleasure to prepare them for you (whether for jeans or shirts).

That’s everything from me today. Just now it is snowing outside (I feel Christmas in the air) so I  am going out.

I wish you a nice Advent!

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Do you have a denim wish?

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