Jeans where did you come from?

Jeans. We carry them almost everybody. In summer, in winter, at work or school. Have you ever wondered where they came from?

It was German immigrant Levi Strauss who invented the jeans for the world. It was the year 1872 and the golden fever in the West of the United States when he noticed that gold miners and workers needed high-quality work clothes that would endure the most demanding work. In the meantime, he had been involved in the production of cloth to cover tents and wagons, indeed close to the fabrics. From the Italian city Genova and French Nimes they imported a cloth to name the pants.

What was famous among the miners, the farmers or the lumberjacks were copper rivets that ensured that their pockets were not ripped from their pants. It was Latvian tailor Jacob Davis who came up with this idea. On May 20, 1873, a patent came into force, it is forever written into history as “the birthday of jeans.”

 Thanks, gentlemen!

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