Fabric selection and measurement

Fabric selection and measurement

Are you interested in traditional selvedge denim from Japanese masters? Or Italian gentlemen? Together, we select the right fabric and all the details that will distinguish you. Leave the measurement to us.

30 minutes
Delivery of new jeans

Delivery of new jeans

Come pick up your new jeans for which you have become a model and which you have co-created. For jeans you won’t want to take off. It's not like a one-night relationship. This is a love for life.

within 8 weeks of the fitting
Second and other jeans

Second and other jeans

We know each other. Further explanations are unnecessary. You choose thick denim again, but this time with blue stitching? You prefer buttons this time? Tell me. We have measured you already, no more fittings. And you will get your new jeans in your wardrobe soon.

within 8 weeks


Because small details make perfect uniqueness.

  • Color stitching

    Classic yellow or more pronounced red? We can have both.

  • Buttons vs. zipper

    You don’t like buttons? Pick a zip. You don’t like zips? Pick buttons.

  • 5th Pocket

    The little things you care about. According to tradition, it belongs to the right.

  • Color of rivets

    Black or silver? Rivest and jeans belong together. No discussion.

Fabrics selection

Fabrics selection

Because good fabrics is like the sound of a eight-cylinder.
It can never pall.

  • Premium denim 390 EUR

    You will not want to return from our blue to the gray average of ready-made outfits.

  • Selvedge denim 470 EUR

    The top of craftsmanship. A fabric that is hardly worn in the Czech Republic.

Make him happy

Give your boyfriend, friend or business partner an original gift. Give him the experience not only of the result itself, but also of making men's jeans together.

Get a voucher

Do you have a denim wish?

Write to us. We will try to meet it.


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