Put vinegar when washing jeans

You buy a new pair of pants and after a few days of wear comes the first wash time. But something is wrong. Clothes that previously did not look blue suddenly became blue. What with this? And how to prevent it? Yes. Vinegar!

If you don’t want your jeans to lose their colour when washing try adding vinegar. Perhaps it seems like a crazy idea, vinegar is that fatty sticky thing that is used in lettuce. But it is also called the treasure of household. 

Vinegar has many other uses in addition to home cooking ingredients. It will help you clean the stain on the carpet, it will kill weeds or relieve heartburn. And it also helps with washing. If you want to prevent your jeans from fading, try to use vinegar even after the first wash.

You’re probably saying that your clothes have to smell madly and people will get away from you in the tram. But if you do not add too much vinegar, they will not. Two spoons or two. Tested!

And what about you? What are your experiences?

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