My lecture at the University of Economics

Yesterday I had the eighth lecture at the University of Economics. This time again on Zoom, again with the belief that next time it will be “face-to-face” and again it was great. Until a few years ago, I was wondering why those businessmen and managers had been going there when their time is so precious. But I totally understand that today. The feeling of being able to “give back” is simply priceless! Each of us can do something interesting, and yet enough is enough to inspire someone and move us forward. Fortunately, there are so many people among us who do this.

And what were we talking about?

  • that starting a business can be done in anything, it just takes enthusiasm and passion
  • how to come up with an idea – for example by “copying” something that works in the US or by looking for stimuli in our area when everyone has a “problem” 🙂
  • or how important it is to support from our environment (family, teachers, mentors) with the opposite of a statement like “You won’t make it. It’s too risky. Learn well to find a good job.” apod.

Personally, it makes a lot of sense to encourage those who think about business to just try and see it. Yes, nowadays many entrepreneurs get slapped after another, but in any case, our country needs and will need all these small and medium-sized companies. The more people try it the least, the better. The more he doesn’t give up and succeed and then support the others, the twice as much.

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