Our new socks

It took us a long time. You know it? You tell yourself that you can do it in a while, and then you push and push the term because you are tuning and tuning. But in the finals I do not mind waiting. I really like our socks.

Colorful, cheerful, playful socks are trendy today. It is a piece of clothing, where even the ties can untie for a while and do not cause faux pas, maybe on the contrary, light up part of their surroundings.

I was led to our socks by clients who came in various socks. And it was one of my best business decisions. It’s because I got my great colleague. But about it in a later article 🙂

It was a fight

I knew I wanted three different motives. Then we just invented, drew, inspired and made prototypes. And you see the result. Tailor socks, polka dot and striped. Which are your favorites?

I personally like tailors and dots. Tailors because they are simply original and polka dot because I like the combination of red and blue, which is well visible in my shoes.

You can buy socks in our shop for 249 CZK.

1) Tailor’s
2) Polka dot
3) Striped

Or all three in one set for 599 CZK.

Or visit us in the showroom in Vinohrady and come to see Riegrovy sady from the 4th floor.

So hand (socks) on it 🙂

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