Choice of fabric, shirt detail and measurement

Choice of fabric, shirt detail and measurement

Let’s choose the ideal one from our swatch. Just like cuffs, fastenings, buttons or collar. So that afterwards you won’t want to take your new tailor-made shirt off.

30 minutes
Fitting and handover of a new shirt

Fitting and handover of a new shirt

We'll put you in your new shirt and check every millimeter. Because even a small detail creates perfection in uniqueness.

15 minutes, within 4 weeks of fabric selection
Second, third, fourth shirt

Second, third, fourth shirt

You don’t like to take off your first shirt? Good thing, that we already know each other. This time you would like a lighter shirt with more distinct details? It will be our pleasure. We know it's hard to ready-made garment.

within 3 weeks


Because small things make up the perfect whole.

  • Collar

    You’re planning to wear jeans at the weekend? We recommend the Oxford collar.

  • Cuffs

    Bevelled one are the standard. What not try the untraditional round ones?

  • Buttons

    A blue shirt with red buttons? Here we get to play.

  • Monogram

    You are a model for your shirts. Sign them.

Fabric selection

Fabric selection

Closer shirts are close to you.
Therefore, it depends on the fabric.

  • Selection 150 EUR

    Colors and patterns that will delight you.

  • Premium 180 EUR

    Fabrics and combinations that are up a class.

  • Exclusive 220 EUR

    These are for clothes enthusiasts.

Make him happy

Give your boyfriend, friend or business partner an original gift. Give him the experience not only of the result itself, but also of making men's shirt together.

Get a voucher

Do you have a denim wish?

Write to us. We will try to meet it.


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