How I solved a problem. And then started writing the jeans story

December 12, 2015. I remember that date. Perfectly. Boredom. Disease. Head full of thoughts. In addition to those about life, came one which seemed unimportant. Paradoxically, it was precisely the one that has since determined my direction for the nearest future.

I wanted great jeans and believed I was not the only one. I left my job in a corporation and jumped right into the world of denim.

There are no problems. These are challenges. Getting well fitting men’s jeans is one of the bigger challenges. Burdened with a few pieces we drag ourselves into the cabin. Sweat dripping from our forehead and negative vibrations resonating in our minds. The first pair of jeans does not fit over the thighs. The second one drops at the waist. Wearing the third pair you would not withstand large water as it wouldn’t even cover your ankles. Do you have similar experience? I decided to quit the corporation and find a solution. A solution, in which I believed, and for which I found my inspiration in London, New York and Berlin. It’s what every man deserves, the perfectly fitting men’s denim trousers.

I’ve been preparing the first jeans for months. My first client became my best friend ever since. Surprisingly.

It wasn’t easy. I learned my way around from more experienced people and I do not stop, because learning is what pushes me further. Me and my business. For almost a year I have been searching for the most perfect denim from Japan. For the finest tailors in the Czech Republic. I have perfected the quality of the cut. I thought about the possibilities of customizing each pair of jeans to be unique – to the last button. Everything I have done was done to give life to jeans that adapt nicely to your body features. To jeans that will suit you only.

Today, with all my humility and self-confidence, I say that under the Patrik Diamant label we will create jeans for you as well. Come and become a co-creator of your next pair of jeans. Become a role model.

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