The end of Jeans Maker

When I started with tailored jeans, I was kind of struggling with the name of my company. Hours of thinking, dozens of ideas, and a series of desperate messages to my acquaintances. Then I ran out of patience, and said, “It’s going to be Jeans Maker! I want to make jeans, so Jeans Maker. “

Jeans Maker

I bought a domain name, founded Facebook and Instagram, created an email. But after a year I felt it was not quite right. At the time I went to Berlin for a denim festival and talked to a hostess.

Miss: “What business are you from?”

Me: “Jeans Maker.”

Miss: “Okay. But what company are you from? “

At that moment, I realized that Jeans Maker only worked in the Czech Republic. Abroad and for expats the name is too general. Jeansmaker. Just someone who makes jeans. This experience made it clear to me that I had to invent another brand.

Patrik Diamant

We’re back in Munich. Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani. All brands bear the names of their founders, even though we do not see it that way. They are brands. Like Škoda or Porsche. Now I have to admit that my friends were right to push me into taking Patrik Diamant.

“It’s unique.”


“Who had a name like that?

The name Diamant is not quite common and there are only 42 of us in the Czech Republic. I am often asked whether it is an artistic name, so it definitely leaves a mark in people. And I must say that with the name Diamant, it is much more pleasant to make visits to public institutions.

That’s why I decided to change my brand’s name. Though, again I heard:

“Jeans Maker had already caught on.”


“Why are you changing it? It was good.”

But stubbornness is my characteristic (my zodiac sign is that of a lion).


It has its reason

Another reason for rebranding is the possibility for future expansion of the products. Not that I would like to stop making jeans, never. But the expansion into making shirts, belts or socks is offering itself.

I do not like it too much if a company that has the word “bakery” in it, starts selling watches or coffeemakers for example. I’m exaggerating a little, but you get the idea.

What about Pepe Jeans? Are they just jeans? Definitely not. They sell t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, belts, shoes, perfumes, wallets, glasses … it just doesn’t fit the name. On the other hand, with the brands Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Gant, it doesn’t bother me that they are selling multiple different products.

And how did we do it all? You’ll find out in the next article.

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