We introduce you our clients

We wanted to do it a long time ago. Show you our work through our clients. That’s why we took some photos at the end of November, remembering what we had experienced together and discussing a few things from their lives.

Everyone is different, but one thing connects them all. They like to wear our clothes. Whether it’s jeans, shirts, t-shirts, belts or socks. We will introduce their stories and our stories on our blog, Instagram or Facebook.

And now just a small sample of what you can look forward to.

I’d like to introduce you to Erik. Our client. He is a creative body and soul and because of this he can combine his wardrobe like just few people can.

Meet Peter. Our client. He is an entrepreneur and a great traveler who will always bring some valuable wisdom to our showroom. And then he takes away his new shirt. 🙂

And the last of our three is Daniel. Our client. One of the most positive people who came to us and a man we haven’t seen without a hat.

So see you soon…

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