You see that you don’t see anything

I don’t know how it is, but I wear a shirt under my shirt. When a person sweats, it is not immediately visible and at the same time in the colder months I honor the rule that more thinner layers of clothing are better than less stronger. So you won’t see me just in a shirt and feather, but rather in a shirt, sweatshirt or sweater and a weaker jacket. The only exception is perhaps summer, when I like to wear a shorter shirt “out” of my pants.

When we added our shirts to the jeans, this invisible shirt was the right accessory.

You see that you don’t see anything

The invisible shirt can be considered a Czech invention. It was invented by the etiquette instructor for her clients, who bothered that white linen was visible under his shirt.

That was exactly my case. The white t-shirt under the white or light shirt usually stood out and still had a seam on the sleeve that made him even more aware. That seems to be the end, at least in my case.

Someone is used to white undershirts. But I see the disadvantage of them that in the place where we sweat the most – the armpit, somehow missing substance.

To prevent sweating directly into the shirt that can be seen, our invisible shirt has a thick layer of fabric in the right place. It is slightly more expensive, but it is a good investment that will make you feel better.

Benefits of the t-shirt

  • Warms up in winter, sweats perfectly in summer
  • It has reinforced armpits compared to normal tricks
  • Under your shirt (or even the second trick) is perfectly hidden
  • It is comfortable and thanks to the flexibility adapts to the figure

Invisible t-shirt is produced in the Czech Republic by a company specializing in invisible underwear. You can buy at our eshop for 890 CZK or 4 + 1 for 3 560 CZK (if you do not like to wash every day).

And how are you? Do you wear a t-shirt under your shirt or not?

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