Zipper or buttons?

Some like zipper, others prefer buttons. Some people do not solve the fly when buying jeans, others can cause considerable trouble. So zip or buttons?

Back to the past

Let’s look again at May 20, 1873 when Levi Strauss patented his jeans. Of course, with buttons. It is 20 years before the zipper sees the light and almost half a century before it appears in the pants. At first, it is somewhat surprisingly used to close tobacco bags.

Buttons are the domain of men’s trousers. Ladies will be forgiven. I mean, they always were. It was only after World War II in America that Levi’s came with ladies’ pants that had a zip fastening. Until then women in western US farms wore men’s jeans with buttons.

I’m a “Zipper”

Zipper is simply the fastest way to fasten your pants, grab the slider and pull. No nerves with buttons that require a little more skill. With just one hand it just can’t. And it may be too much effort for someone.

I am “buttonhole”

On the other hand, the buttons almost never break. For the zip it can do exemplary. Let’s face it, perhaps everyone has ever managed to lock a zipper. And precisely in the least suitable situation. Missed morning train to work? Ten unnecessary minutes in the changing room? Or suffering in the toilet?

Never again for me. I’m a buttonhole. And what about you?

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